Favourite Flower Friday - Dahlias - Come in an array of colors, sizes and appearance.


Dahlia is a genus of tuberous plants that are members of the Asteraceae family. Picking a favorite dahlia is like going through a button box.They last longer when designed in water rather than floral foam.Challengers are the variety of sizes and the hollow stems that are thick at the bottom but become narrow towards the head. The petals can be rounded or pointed .Sizes range from small to a dinner plate sized, stunning flower for Bridal Bouquets in todays design style trends.

Favourite Flower Friday - Gloriosa

Gloriosa Flower

Just love how unique the Gloriosa is. They are Native in tropical and southern Africa to Asia and naturalized in Australia and the Pacific.Therefore you MUST Custom order the Gloriosa flower. They are available in short and long stem varieties. Creates wonderful Texture in Wedding Bouquets, Floral Centerpieces.Unfortunately have a Short vase life but well worth the time we have with them due to the uniqueness of their appearance.

Join Us for our new Halloween Inspired Paper Flower Workshop

halloween inspired paper succulents

In this new workshop, you will learn how to make 3-5 mini paper succulents out of colorful crepe paper, potting them in a halloween inspired mug. As part of the 2 hour workshop you will receive templates and instructions. The mug and all materials are included. The potted succulents are a great gift or perfect to set on the desk in your office.

Join Us - October 23rd at 6-8pm.


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